Sooner or later, you must have come across cool products online and wanted to have a look into that and the website asks you to provide your credit card details, right? It is obviously hesitating to add up all personal details for any website and it is also not recommended. However, you need to know that, there are some other ways available in which you can generate your VISA credit card number and use it for filling account sections on different websites.

Also, if you are a web developer, there is no need for you to use your original credit details when you have this cool option for site testing purposes.

Benefits of a VISA Credit Card Generator:

  • It can be very helpful to check out online products
  • It is pretty useful to have a virtual credit card
  • VISA credit card generators can be very much helpful for using in site development purposes. The developers use VISA credit card generators to ensure that the payment site is working properly.
  • You must understand the fact that numbers generated through these websites are just random number formations, which can be helpful for website verifications.
  • It is used around the world for accessing different streaming sites that require adding a payment option.
  • A VISA credit card number can be helpful in bypassing verifications.
  • No need to put all the authentic personal details on websites. Rather, you can put fake details, which can add up to your security.

How a VISA Credit Card Number is Generated?

What can be more exciting than generating your own VISA credit card number along with all fake details, such as your name, address as well as the card’s expiration date and the security code? You have the authority to generate VISA credit cards in bulk. Let’s get to know about the procedure for generating a VISA credit card. First of all, you need to know that, an authentic credit card number series contains some complicated formulations proposed in ISO/IEC 7812. It has 2 parts, one is the prefix digit, which is a major Industry identifier.

The next six digits are called the INN (Issuer Identification Number). The last 7 digits hint your account number. A valid credit card number can be generated by assigning the prefixes. You need to know that number “4” denotes a VISA credit card. It is to be noted that all standard format and mathematical formulas used by VISA credit cards are based on the Luhn algorithm.

Follow the instructions laid here below to generate your own VISA credit card number_

  • Go to this page.
  • Click on the “Generate VISA Card” option within a green box.
  • Write down all the values proposed by this webpage.
  • You need to select the other option in case you want to generate several VISA credit cards.

How to Recognize VISA Card numbers quickly?

You should know that a VISA credit card number can be recognized easily by its prefix number. Check out the following MII or Major Industry Identifiers.

MII NumbersCategory
0ISO/TC 68 and different industry assignments
2Financial Industries, future industries, and Airlines
3Travel and Recreation
4Financial and Banking
5Banking and Financial
6Financial, Banking and merchandising
8Healthcare, future industries, and telecommunication
9Assignment by different national bodies

Frequently Asked Questions:

1Q. Is it legal to use credit card generators?

Ans: There are no legal hindrances you may face for generating credit cards. However, you have to make sure that you use the same only in a legitimate way and not involve in any fraudulent tasks.

2Q. Is it possible to use fake credit card numbers to get access to Netflix?

Ans: You need to know that credit card generators create a number pattern that generally mimics any original VISA credit card. Therefore, you can also use the same for accessing Netflix. Cheers!

3Q. Can I make any purchase with these credit cards?

Ans: No! You should know that the codes generated through credit card generators do not possess any real value with it and are completely random. However, you can easily use them for online verification purposes.


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