Do you have several ambitions and wishes you would like to fulfill like buying refrigerators, recliners, rocking chairs, bean bags or that latest gaming system? It is time to purchase that empowerment and savings in your hands. Get Synchrony Bank credit card services and enjoy empowering yourself with those retail card credit points.

5 Best Synchrony Credit Cards:

Synchrony Bank is known to provide credit for the last 85 years. So, if you wish to apply for the best synchrony bank credit card services, you may like to consider the given credit cards as your options.

1. Techron Advantage® Visa Card

If you are opting for long trips and need to enjoy those gas credit benefits, apply for this credit card. The issue of this credit card by Synchrony bank, lets you enjoy those fuel benefits, letting you earn 20 cents per gallon of fuel for the first three months. If you wish, you can even apply for supreme premium synchrony bank credit card services on this card. The best part is that your transactions are secured and the entire credit transaction comes with zero fraud liability of unauthorized transactions. Moreover, you do not need to pay an annual fee for these fuel credits.

2. BP Visa Card

Another alternative that you may consider for those fuel credits is the BP Visa card issued by Synchrony bank. Availing this synchrony bank credit card lets you enjoy 25 cents discount per gallon of fuel purchased for the first month, and 3% cashback on groceries along with 1% cashback on other purchases. Just like Techron Advantage® Visa Card, you need not pay an annual fee to the bank! So what is stopping you from availing this synchrony bank credit card!

3. Synchrony Retail Credit Cards

These include Amazon Store Card, Amazon Prime Store Card, Bowflex credit card, Container store credit card and so on. These as the category name implies are meant to be used only in brick and mortar and online retail stores, letting you enjoy a certain amount of cash back, along with credit reward points.  American Eagle Outfitters Connected Credit card is one such synchrony bank credit card available for new and current synchrony bank account holders, letting them enjoy 20% off on first purchase and 10% off on each purchase done by this credit card.

4. Synchrony Car Care™ Credit Card

Wish to get an automobile service done? Get that Synchrony Car Care™ Credit Card. Availing this synchrony bank credit card lets you enjoy zero fraud liability and zero annual fees. Use this synchrony bank credit card at various auto care outlets like Exxon, Mobil, My Tire Shop and Maaco and enjoy discounts and other cash back along with credit point offers. Download the Synchrony Car Care app on your cell phone and access the nearby offer from your location.

5. Synchrony HOME™ Credit Card

Do you wish to make your home feel like a vacation? Simply use Synchrony HOME™ Credit Card and get 2% cash back on purchases under 299USD. Use the synchrony bank credit card in shops like Mohawk, Mealy’s Furniture, Rotmans to enjoy those discounts on your trips to the nearest retail home furnishing store.

6. Synchrony Carecredit

Finance your health with a synchrony bank credit card. Simply apply for Synchrony Carecredit program and get to finance your healthcare services in more than 210,000 areas. This synchrony bank credit card allows you to purchase a minimum of 200 USD and this can go up for a promotion period of 60 months. So, get one synchrony carecredit to manage those visits to your doctor now. The use of this synchrony bank credit card covers your veterinary, LASIK and visual healthcare, and dental appointments, cosmetic and hearing services along with your medical and pharmacy expenses.

How does Synchrony Bank Credit Card Rewards work?

If you are worried about how you will earn these credit rewards, these are simply redeemed points which are added to your synchrony bank credit card account. The redemption options are fuel, sports, health, and merchandise. You get different reward points from different places, letting you earn up to 5000 USD cash back in a year. So, come online to the synchrony bank website and get your documents ready. Find out more about synchrony bank credit card programs and apply for one or more of our credit cards now.

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