Welcoming lovely customers! If you are looking to establish your credit, a secured credit is the only solution for you. Top quality secured credit card is responsible for helping to build a solid credit history and also raise your credit score. Secured credit cards are easy to get, even if you do not maintain a high credit score as a Secured Credit card holds your refundable amount as security deposit and offers credit cards similar to unsecured credit-cards that can be used in the market for making regular purchases. You can easily use these secured credit cards without worrying about fraud.

List of Best Secured Credit Cards

Let us take a detailed outlook and understand how secured credit cards work and which credit cards offering top-notch offers in 2020 to its new customers.

1. Capital One Secured MasterCard

If you are interested in looking at best line-up features offered by this credit card, then hold a moment and dive straight into its unique features.

  • You can get access to a higher credit score if you make payments on time for the first five months without depositing any additional Fees.
  • You can easily manage your secured account with capita One 24*7 by using their mobile app.
  • This credit card is being accepted at billions of worldwide locations.
  • Once you deposit refundable fees while opening an account with Capital One, you will get an initial credit of 200 dollars. If you deposit some extra amount, you will preferably receive a higher credit line.
  • It charges zero annual fees from its customers. It also offers credit-building benefits if credit card is used responsibly and cautiously.
  • It charges zero fees for foreign transactions and balance transfer.
  • This credit card charges 26.74% regular APR.

2. Discover It Secured Credit Card

This credit card is popular in the market for its top-notch customer care support.

  • This credit card helps to match all cash backs at the end of one year automatically, that you have earned.
  • You will receive instant security alter if your social security number is present on any dark web sites. Activate this at zero cost, now!
  • This is indeed a real credit that helps you build a standard credit history with responsible use.
  • You will not be charged any annual fees once you open an account with Discover It Secured Credit Card.
  • You need to pay refundable 200 dollars as a security deposit to establish your credit line. You also require providing your bank details while submitting your refundable deposit.
  • This is not the end! You are going to receive 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations on spending up to 1000 dollars every three months. In addition to this, you will also receive unlimited cash back of 1% on all other purchases.
  • You will also become eligible to receive US-based customer support and a free credit scorecard using FICO Credit score.
  • Customers need to pay 10.99% regular APR for six months.

3. Citi Secured MasterCard

This credit card facilitates you to use your Citi Secured MasterCard anywhere in the world.

  • Once you open an account with Citi secured credit card, you will have free access to your FICO scorecard online.
  • You require paying a minimum of 200 dollars as a security deposit to get positive approval.
  • This credit card will ensure your safety by sending notifications regarding Account Alters and AutoPay.
  • It provides you to select any available due date ranging from beginning, middle, and end according to your comfort.
  • You can check your account 24*7 online, and even by using their mobile application.
  • Standard APR for Citi Secured Credit Card is 23.99%.

4. Bank of America secured Credit Card

No doubt a secured credit card is designed to help strengthen, establish, and rebuild your credit score, Bank of America credit card will limit your maximum credit based on your income, and ability to pay back.

  • So, if you pay a deposit that is exceeding their calculation of the maximum amount you can repay, the check will be returned to you for a recheck.
  • After opening an account with this credit card, you are eligible to access FICO score every month online or by using a mobile app. You can also check all key factors that are generally responsible to affect your credit score. You can also see other information related to building a healthy credit score.
  • This credit card will review your account from time to time to see if you are eligible to get back your security deposit. Be careful with your greed! Many customers fail to qualify to get back their deposit amount.

5. Green Dot Primor Gold Secured Credit Card

If you are planning to carry a balance in your new credit card, you definitely in need of a secured credit card with a better interest rate.

  • Green Dot Primor-Gold credit card does not require any minimum credit score to approve your request for a credit card.
  • You do not need to worry about the regular fluctuation of APR rate, which is fixed for everyone.
  • You need to pay a minimum security deposit of around 200 dollars.
  • You are required to be careful while using Green Dot Credit Card to avoid paying any miscellaneous fees such as placing card replacement, addition if one more user to your account, paying bills twice, and so many.
  • One con you need to note is that this card charges 49 dollars per year. However, if you can successfully save that amount each year because of the credit card’s low rate of interest, then it would worth the price.
  • One of the excellent perks offered by Green Dot Primor Gold Credit card is 100,000 dollars to each of its customers and their dependents to cover injury, accidental death on a tour, you paid using this card.

Pros and cons of secured Credit Card 

Credit card is a ready-made solution to all who are facing a tough time in establishing new business firms. But it is also important that you require maintaining a standard credit history to get easy and immediate approval of credit card.


  • You can receive approval of getting a secured credit card in your toughest time of your life when traditional credit cards can get denied.
  • Secured Credit card also gives you freedom from risks and fraud while transaction. As you pay a security deposit to get approval of a secured credit card, this security deposit minimizes your credit risks.
  • Secured Credit Card also helps you to establish, strengthen, and rebuild your credit balance.
  • This credit card also pays you interest on your deposit which is a plus point. Some secured credit-cards even place an interest on your savings account.


  • You have to pay a security deposit of a minimum of 200 dollars which can be huge for persons who are struggling in providing financial security.
  • You also require paying an additional charge per year apart in addition to security deposit.


  1. Is it possible to deny me a secured credit card?

Yes, you can be denied receiving a secured credit card. However, this issue can be avoidable if you select right card among the list mentioned above. You need to pay a refundable security deposit to minimize your credit risk.

  1. How secured credit cards help in building my credit?
  • You have to use your secured credit card in purchasing small items. You have to Pay-Off every month. Point of utilizing a secured credit card is to show you are responsible for spending and paying off your balance without missing the deadline.
  • You require paying on time more than the minimum amount.
  • Use Multiple Payment methods.
  • You can also set Payment Alerts, in case you forget important dates easily.
  • You can also enroll yourself in Auto-Pay.



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